Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Abbey

We are human. As such, we believe in things like second chances. Maybe a bad first impression, a fight with a good friend, something said off the cuff not meant to harm. We say time heals everything. I don’t know, some scars run deep. Back to second chances. Do we all deserve one? One usually turns into several. More importantly, people seem to forget the past all too fast. What is here and now is what we pay attention to. Who wins us over at this moment and in the end, what can I get out of it?

We decided to give the Abbey a second chance. They screwed it up the first time. Treated us like scoundrels. Some people keep going back to a bad situation. But not us … Oh wait, no, we gave them a second chance. Last year their burgers were burnt and they received the absolute lowest score ever in Burger Testing. It only seemed right to give them another try, especially in this the season of many a good burger joint. So we headed to the Abbey one final time. Seriously, one final time.

So the burgers weren’t much better this time around so I won’t bore you too much. I shouldn’t really say that, they obviously made a vast improvement over our last experience but still, the burgers were nothing special. The most amusing part was the waitress. She was very um, disconnected to her surroundings. But she managed to keep up with service and we appreciated her effort so she got threes across the board. We were pretty much in consensus that she was on drugs but it was really no one’s problem but her own.

Flavor scores ranged from a 4 to a 9 out of 10. I don’t know why Karen gave a 9 but either way the overall flavor score averaged pretty low. The bun was alright, averaging about an 8. Overall we gave a score of about 7 out of 10. I think that is a surprisingly good score considering how poor their burgers turned out to be. I don’t think all the crazy college kids go there for the burgers. Maybe they have good tacos or something.

If it's any consolation Sarah and I gave the lowest scores and Karn gave the highest. Plain Jane fell somewhere in the plain middle and our special guest Sarah II came in just below Jane in overall scores.

Some of us never got a first chance. This place got two and never really made up for the first. But I think we all feel a little better that now we know. It’s good to know for sure. So if you’ve never given that second chance now might be the time. It very well could turn out as bad as the first but at least you’ll know. And if you never got around to giving it a first chance in the first place, then what the hell are you waiting for? At some point we need to reach a ‘what the hell’ moment and just find out. Why should there be any repercussions? Run with it and see where it goes. And you can worry about second chances when the time comes, and then you will know. Or just give up on life all together. But don't live forever and die without knowing.

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