Sunday, January 30, 2011

Titletown Brewing Company

How fitting. A Titletown burger test on the eve of the reemergence of Titletown. To be fair, the test was conducted weeks ago, January 7, 2011 as it were. If it was not stated, the date would be meaningless, this posting is as timely as ever.
The Titletown Brewing company was the final stop for a rail line that once ran from Milwaukee to Green Bay. What a story to write that would be. This is a burger test, not a political forum of the rights and wrongs of high speed rail. Let us conclude this test of spectacles.
What a fortunate set of circumstances to allow a group of ‘haggard’ testers to try a burger or two. After the rail line shut down, the Titletown Brewing Company eventually came to power. And what an emergence it was, at least for the sake of our slobbering appetites. Hopefully you know us enough now to at least somewhat understand our motivation, even desires maybe.
Now that the readers have a somewhat vague familiarity with our testers they can take into account our random traits. Eventually they all run together and the scores we compile matter the most. Due to the untimely demise of Tom, Dick and Harry’s, the Titletown Brewing Company is our first set of scores for the new year. What a tease to the viewership.
We thought maybe the waitress teased us with the offer of a Skippy Burger. It was no tease, rather a burger slathered with delicious Skippy peanut butter. Anyway, this is how it went down: As per usual, Sarah asked where we should go. I often suggest places not within the immediate area that are often rejected because they are different but we agreed on the Green Bay Brewery that is actually Titletown Brewery.
Nine people signed up to go. A good number for prime results. Unfortunately only four of us ordered Burgers. To say the least, the others provided charming company.
The Spicy Elk burger attracted me the most. Nick ordered the Brewer burger, Sarah the Bison burger and Tom and Karen took the leap of faith on the Skippy burger.
I thoroughly enjoyed the Spicy Elk. We were a bit perturbed at the bun situation. Titletown Brewing uses various flavored breads to bun their burgers. Although the ‘buns’ were very unexpected, they presented a delightful surprise. To be honest, I was enamored with the atmosphere. The burger was delicious and I couldn’t rate it any less than a nine overall.
Don’t be dismayed that I group the rest of the crew together, for they all gave an overall score of eight points.
Karen was kind enough to share part of her Skippy burger with me and I found that somehow the combination of peanut butter and burger was delicious. Tom and her gave nearly identical ratings.
Surprisingly, Nick rated the flavor his Brewer burger a paltry six but the other categories enamored him enough to enable the overall score of eight.
A score of eight from Sarah however does not come lightly. I knew it was either the burger or the good company, perhaps both, that gave her a rise. I felt her enamored sense of things the vibrations of the table.  The taste coupled with the exotic sounding menu was enough to exclaim the excellence of this joint.

If there were any negatives about the place it was that some guy named Nick thought his burger was not quite cooked to specifications.
Overall the place was very nice. It was an old train station reminding me of an old wooden dormitory. The waitress was extremely cheerful and kept our water glasses full. I’m not sure what needle work is, but someone seemed to have enjoyed it. Rare is the first burger test that results in a score of eights across the board.
Often, the first test is a series of hard scoring and little fanfare. We can safely assume that Titletown Brewery is a safe haven for those seeking a superior burger.
It is with disdain I don’t write more about the other guests seated at tables beside us or the flowing atmosphere. There is so much to say but as these blogs often go, I fear I have rambled on far too much. Until the next test, take our recommendations to heart and flow forth to a better tomorrow, sometime around noon and at a vestibule with a better burger, I'd imagine.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Round Two, Burger Testing 2011

Lose weight for a New Years resolution? Please. Stand out by eating out. Resolve to explore the greater Green Bay area for the tastiest, juiciest and yes, fattest burger!
We were just like you, wallowing in all the failures of yester-year as the ball dropped. Thinking back on it all, past failures and future accomplishments, etc.
Let's get to the story. Sad but true, the gang began the new year on a lame leg by hitting up Tom, Dick and Harry's just a step from the stadium. They went out of business a week later. Rumor has it we gave them a bad review and they had no other option. In truth, their burgers were not bad. The wait however killed our senses, the taste sense for the most part.
Speculation arose that we may have come across yet another pregnant waitress. Prego waitresses don't make the burger but they sure distract from it. Suffice it to say, the  team voted not to include Tom, Dick and Harry's in the competition. It only seems reasonable considering the unwritten standard that based on our results, a patron could not go to the establishment since they are now out of business. I hate to leave you with nothing further but as it stands, Tom, Dick and Harry's no longer exists. Rest in peace sweet prince of burger flipping.
Little else follows. I'm ashamed to admit and will take the bold step of speaking for my fellows, that due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to test any burgers save one in the ensuing four weeks. Therefore I have no choice but to leave the audience hanging, as it were. I will document our lone success in next week's edition. From there, let us hope we are fruitful in our never ending quest to find the best burger in the Greater Green Bay Area.
For now, let me introduce the panel:
Nick--A strapping young lad very particular about his burgers. His ratings are very formal and take good order into account. Weary are the waitresses who forget to fill his drink. Others may rate the burger alone but Nick knows better. He can be swayed to raise or lower his scores but nary a single point is frivolously checked.
Karen--The stealthy feline of the group has known a burger or two in her day. Less important is whether the waitress is preggo or not or if the water is warm. It is instinct that drives her passion, not boring stats. She can tell if a burger is like no other she has tasted and goes unimpressed at even the most sumptuous palates if it is something she has seen all too often. Because instinct alone can only judge a burger so far, less popular although just as important categories like condiment availability could very well be the deciding factor in her score.
Tom--Our lovable affable burger connoisseur. Tom is easy going and charms us all with his  presence. The scores he compiles for each burger is more a mystery to us than to the readers themselves. A good burger will not pass his plate unnoticed, rather it will be consumed with the utmost respect and admiration. For him, the atmosphere could very well be as important as taste in his merry mind. Could any burger panel exist with any less a free spirit?
Sarah--Sar-bear is the steely eyed vixen of our group. Regardless the importance of her score we all look to her rating with waiting hearts. Perhaps by default, perhaps by passion, she leads our group to success. While we exclaim a delectable dish  she keeps us honest and brings us back to Earth. On those occasions when there is one outlying score, you can be sure it is hers. An enigma of epic proportions that could take a lifetime to figure out. The passion begins with Sarah, and through her lovely eyes, and more appropriately her mouth, we form our results.
And then there is me--I try to stay true to the values of burger testing. Need I say more. Taste is most important to me.
We invite as many friends of the group as we are able to muster up better results. On any given occasion there can be four to ten people gathered for a burger test. Those I have listed are the true caretakers of this endeavor. I end now, there is much more to say but I have gone on long enough. In the coming weeks you will hear of special vestibules and dreary bars. Former tests will come to light as they should have ages ago. And in the end, a new best burger will be crowned. Until then my friends, never stop the desire for a better burger. Perhaps the best burger is in our hearts.