Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Season Two Winner is ...

You know it's Titletown silly.

Here are the breakdowns. We rated each place on a 1-5 scale on waitress, condiment availability, ease of consumption, presentation and atmosphere. We rated each on a 1-10 scale on flavor, bun and overall. We put all the numbers into our database and it computed the final score as a percentage out of 100%. The results follow.

Titletown 85%
Burger Company 80%
Legends 80%
Skips 78%
White Dog Black Cat Cafe 78%
The Bar West 76%
Sidekicks 75%
The Abbey 74%
Fox Harbor 69%
Broadway Supper Club 67%

Clearly, I have personal preferences. The rest of the Burger crew is free to comment but here is my assessment. Legends should not be tied for second. White Dog Black Cat should be second. Burger Company third. Skips fourth and then eveyone else. Fox Harbor should be last based on burger alone. But the establishment is super cool so they got higher scores. Likewise, the Broadway Supper Club was a terrible establishment and probably got lower scores than it should have, but not much lower.

If this season taught me anything, it's that Titletown has great burgers, White Dog Black Cat has great burgers, Burger Company has good burgers and Skips is not bad either. That gives me four joints to roll to when I'm looking for a good burger. Might as well get the fish tacos at the other places. And don't forget; season one winners were Curley's and Champions. People who think Krolls has good burgers are not well versed in Burgers.

I don't know how much more, if any burger testing will be done. It is harder and harder to find places within driving distance during our lunch hour. Perhaps we can scrounge together one more season. But we have learned that there is a burger in all of us. Whether that burger is Nick's infectious smile, Karen's discerning skepticism, Tom's carefree ambience or Sarah's pursuit of happiness.

The only thing you have left to ask is, "Would I rather wear wet underwear, or eat a burger?"