Friday, September 9, 2011

Results or Random Thoughts on Burgers?

The best fun I had last winter/spring was perhaps writing this. Mostly because it meant I was blitzed on only the cheapest of dark swill. Hard to imagine I was able to form words at all most of the time.

I would like to give you the results, but I do not have them in front of me. So I cannot. Seriously though, if you read the durned blog, you can figure out the good places to chill at, among other things. I guess being blitzed led to too many ramblings, no comments and only three followers!

The trick was trying to stick to burgers. I obviously failed. But by sticking to only burgers, we could have been distracted by all the other problems of the world and be entrenched in the simple purity of greasy meat. It was my goal to stick to burgers. But the problems of the world, or just me maybe, were too big to be distracted from at times.

I wish I could have tried harder to let the reader understand the necessity of loosing one's self in the purity of the burger and forgetting all other thoughts, memories and daily nuances. I'm sorry I failed you, but I think there is still much to be gained by what we experienced. Some good joints were discovered and I think we learned a little about ourselves. Maybe we just became better friends, either way, the upside was greater than the negatives and I really think it's worth reading.

So let me beg of you, no, no, no, let me get on my knees and beg of you to read this blog. All those other postings you find through Google and such are so horribly inaccurate that it pains my heart. Give me a charbroiled patty and I will die a happy lad.