Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fox Harbor

Do you get it? A bar on the Fox River -- Fox Harbor. Oh, that's a side killer. I get it!
Don't expect to find great parking but once you're in, you're in. The bar is a really nice little bastion of alcohol, a charming place to gather and discuss business with your colleagues. But what does a nice bar have to do with a good burger?
Unfortunately, not a whole lot. We all wanted the burger to be as great as the place seemed to be. And when the burgers arrived, they looked amazing. The burgers were not delivered on golden plates or on top of a mountain. But when I got mine, I told Nick that I didn't want to eat it because it looked too delicious. That's why I gave it a 5/5 for presentation, because before even tasting it, it looked like the best burger I'd ever tasted. The rest of the gang gave high scores too, mostly 5's.
Another lean group of testers showed up for this one. Myself, Sarah, Karen and Nick.
What should I tell you about first? Obviously we were under whelmed by the burgers. When we get down to it, the burger taste and bun were rated fairly low. The bun about a 6/10 average and taste a 6 or 7/10
They had a fairly original lineup of burgers with different flavors across the board. But that is really all they offered. The burger was not great, and the buns were poor and dry. The stuff they put on the burgers is the only thing worth ordering a burger in the first place. They’ll layer on pepper jack cheese and jalapeƱos until it is so hot you can’t taste the burger. That’s a good thing.
We all loved the atmosphere, it really is a nice place, but the wait staff was non existent. Much of our conversation centered around the service or lack there of. A random guy took our orders. Someone else entirely brought us the food, and then we got our bills eventually. The servers were really unenthused. We discussed giving a 0 for service, but, the service did exist, it was minimal.
Overall, it was a nice place, an enjoyable time, but the burgers were not good. Keep that in mind. If you’ve had a lot to drink, the burgers will look and seem amazing in your mind. If you want a good burger, I would seek it elsewhere.

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